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3 things to explain: WHY we exist

Hello world! Welcome to Empower for change. We are Lina Tangarife and Mauro Trujillo and in this post, we will tell you 3 things that will explain to you why we exist. Nowadays most people are living an unfulfilling routine that makes them feel disconnected, frustrated and stuck. But some of them, maybe like you, feel they are made for so much more! (We know that, we’ve been there too!). This is why we created Empower for Change, an online platform with the mission to help those with a calling for change to speak their truth and create the purposeful life and world they really want. We are all about helping people to reconnect with themselves.

So, if you are one of those wanting something different, stay connected. We invite you to be part of this amazing empowering journey. We will provide inspirational information for transforming your life, achieving goals, making dreams come true, learning how to manage emotions, nurture relationships, connect with your purpose and ultimately master every area of your life.

1.What brought us here

We have found some of the greatest joy in life by helping people to reconnect with their power, recognize their true potential, and to focus on their inner magic to create new realities. We love making people smile and helping them overcome difficult situations. We have been working on 1:1 mainly, and we are now launching our first group program so that we can work with way more people. If you would like more info to work with us, click here.

2.What we will be doing

We have more good news! We are hitting the road again, but this time we’ll travel with a very clear purpose. In a few weeks, we will start a dreamed trip that we were longing to do since a few years ago and we finally are able to make a reality: we are going to East Africa and South East Asia!

This is an extraordinary journey because we love traveling (we used to have our travel blog- Vamossomewhere) but, essentially because this is a journey with a very special objective: we will find and connect with amazing human beings that are making a difference for humanity and the planet, and we are going to share good ideas and knowledge, through this platform and our social media, so you can be part of it and get inspired as well.

We want to learn from those amazing human beings we will find along the way, the already empowered ones –no matter the difficulties and all the different backgrounds-, that are taking significant actions for creating a better world, sharing their light and power, restoring hope in humanity and living a legacy for a better tomorrow for all.

3.What you will find here: Let’s connect!

This is going to be a place of good news and ideas worth spreading and sharing, so let’s connect on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn and help us share our content with the hashtag #empowerforchange and #empowerexpedition. All your support, caring and loving will contribute to this cause of human reconnection.

We sincerely know you will benefit from our content in many ways in your daily life since we all need powerful messages in this crazy current world; we need good news, people to relate to, and inspiration to take action and create the life we really want to live. And we believe we can do it better together. So, whenever you feel stuck in an unfulfilling routine, frustrated with your life, disconnected from yourself and everything that really matters to you, come here to visit us. When you need hope, come to get a sparkle of magic to create a different reality. Change is possible and necessary because when we transform ourselves we get empowered, and when we feel our power we transform the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have other friends that are longing for a change in their life and need some inspiration or a hand to guide them, please consider sharing our Facebook page on your feed.

Infinite gratitude for your support, loving and caring.

Lina and Mauro

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