We promote Empowerment and Personal Growth

Nowadays people are disconnected from themselves, lacking meaning, feeling lost, stuck and frustrated. At Empower for Change, we are focused on helping you understand how to define and follow the roadmap to manifest your vision of a purposeful life.

As Empowerment Facilitators and Certified Coaches, with years of experience helping people like you finding their voice and potential, we have perfected our empowerment methodology to help you reconnect, answer your soul’s calling and speak your truth to create the life and world you want.

We exist because when people are empowered
they thrive in life

Meet the team

Lina Tangarife

Lina Tangarife


Entrepreneur, living life to the fullest, filmmaker and communicator by profession, I discovered my purpose and greatest passion in life: helping people discover and connect with that inner fire that ignites their infinite potential to take their lives to another level. I love changes, the movement, the conscious actions, the constant and subtle transformations that occur daily, and the magical everyday miracles happening when being aligned with our life purpose.

Mauro Trujillo


Entrepreneur always looking for innovation and sustainability, those actions focused on promoting self-empowerment and community growth. Entrepreneurship has been part of my life for many years because I believe in discovering new ways to add value beyond the ordinary rules. I love teamwork and divergent thinking, the magic that arises when co-creating with several points of view. I have a background in Communications, Project Management.

What we belive in

We believe
Love is the answer

We do this because we love to serve and help people, that is our life’s purpose. We believe in the power of humanity and that with love and connection among us everything is possible

Freedom is our oxygen

We believe everybody needs to break the mental prisons
where we have been locked due to our culture, believes or ourselves.
We are free to choose… We chose FREEDOM!

We believe we can be whatever we want, because if we can imagine it, we can manifest it.

We are dreamers
and we Dream Big

We are
Agents of Change

We believe we are all connected and our actions should look for making this world a better place for all.

We are realistic
we expect Miracles

Life itself it’s a miracle and a magic experience. We decided to see it this way and be surprised by the little miracles that surround us every day (we just have to look around)

We live
a Creative Life

Whether we are exploring a new culture, or doing something we love, we are always igniting our creativity by writing, creating content, singing, dancing, painting or exploring something new. We love to ignite that power on others. (a Lot of people forget we all have it).

We have a
goal oriented mindset

That is one of our main mojos. We keep constant perfect imperfect actions toward our goals. What matters Is to keep moving forward.

We give ourselves 1000% on everything we do and our goal is to share generously with our customers all the knowledge, information and tools we have.

We sell services
that change lives

We stay honest with
ourselves and everyone

We believe honesty is respect. We say things straight forward to help and to ask for help.

We are
very open minded

Our methodology integrates our experiences,
our unstoppable enthusiasm for life and tons of optimism.

We are spontaneous and straight forward.
We choose to see the glass half full instead of half empty.

We are very open minded… so not for everyone.

Start creating the Life you want

Don’t know where or how to start? We can help you out!