ways to embrace change in life

Three powerful and actionable ways to embrace change in life.

The unprecedented situation we are currently living in has arrived to challenge every country and every person on the planet. Life, as we used to live it will be different: we need to learn to keep distances, wear masks on the street, wash our hands a zillion times. We are getting used to the “new normal” and this only reminds us there is only one constant in life: change. Is it possible to find ways to embrace change in life?

You have two options: fight it or embrace it. The change will occur no matter your choice.

Which one will you choose? How are you dealing with the change and the new challenges this situation is creating? In this post, we will share with you insights about this current situation focusing on how to expand your vision and finding ways to embrace change in life.

2020, the year of a greater vision: CHANGE with capital letters

Around February, we all started talking about a new virus in China. It seemed so far away. We were maybe listening to or watching a couple of news every day. Life was normal.

By late April, borders were closed and almost every country in the world was in a mandatory lockdown to prevent a major outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost five million people were infected by May and more than 300 thousand have died. Above all, those that are gone are the most significant loss for this global situation; however, the implications and changes that are now getting bigger like an upcoming tsunami are still unmeasurable or even unimaginable.

Today we are experiencing change together as humanity like never before. We cannot be close to each other or even hug our own family if they don’t live with us. Millions have lost their jobs, and companies are closing. Our health, finances, free time, spirituality, quality of life, and even our vision of the future have been disrupted and are still unclear.

We are breathing change, and not everyone is ready.

Whether you were a corporate executive or an assistant in a small store; you are probably dealing with the same. Relationships, families, careers, and dreams are going through disruption, and those struggling and avoiding change feel now desperate, waiting to run away from their houses as soon as the cities open again. We see domestic violence rising in many countries and marriages getting to an end.

We don’t really know how to tackle this type of unexpected situation… why?

It’s all about focus. Where is your focus now?

We are constantly lost in a sea of information and external stimuli. There are so many things to watch, “think” about, and consider that we never have the time to look within. We know more about the influencers and big stars than ourselves, and our pictures will always show what the likes and comments want, but not really our profound emotional states. House, car, promotion, make-up, or beautiful clothing are more important than the time to focus on ourselves on internal dialogue, to find our truth, and the meaning of the actions we take or the ones we don’t.

Most people answer they live to pay their bills or have the chance to get a newer car and a better home. Perhaps fix some aging marks or scape routine just for 15 days every year. But few people will say they live to fulfill their dreams, to stay connected to their soul’s calling and enjoy the magic of life, because all that sounds “childish” or “unrealistic”, as if life was meant to be lived through suffering.

Are you aware of who you are beyond what your social image shows? Have you reconnected with your life purpose? Are you living a fulfilling life?

Going back to the basics: the essential

More and more people are talking about going back to the basics, enjoying the essential, and rediscovering the magic of being here and now. such as sharing quality time with the family at home or even going back to old passions that were forgotten or too hard to integrate into their “busy” lives.

We are now caring for the place we live in and just for ourselves, not because we are expecting guests. Spending countless hours with our kids or spouse is something we couldn’t even imagine just a couple of months ago. Making video calls to see and listen to family members we don’t even recognize anymore after decades is something we are doing more often. We have been always just a call or short drive away, but also too “busy” to make it happen.

Reconnecting by remembering or creating new forms of interaction. We feel grateful for being alive and safe, surrounded by love, and taking the time to find ourselves again by embracing this unexpected time of transformation, creating new ways to embrace change in life.

Change has come without asking, taking no one into consideration. This is an invitation to rediscover who you are and who you want to be, a chance to rethink your living. Be aware, now is the time

A new dimension of our world

We are getting used to the “new now”. Our days go by while we move from the room to the kitchen, from the balcony to the living room. Although we miss social sharing, we are now seeing friends and family virtually and are already used to it. No hugging, no kissing, no sharing together as we used to. This is the new now. It is not only the relation to physical space and socializing.

How can we embrace change in life in this context?

What about the possibility or reality of losing your job and only income? What about all the small and medium-sized companies that will not survive this now?

Change continues to expand.

According to The Guardian in the US, “the unemployment rate is reaching 20% as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 30 million people filing jobless claims, and according to the chair of the Federal Reserve, June’s report will be “very, very bad”, possibly reaching the 25%.”

JCPenney, a 118-year-old US retail giant company, filed for bankruptcy in the second week of May, deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic crisis. More than 800 stores will close. JCPenney is the fourth national US retailer to file for bankruptcy in May, CNN.com said

We could name thousands of employers and workers going through hard decisions, living a nightmare.

Lesson from the pandemic

If we have learned something about this whole pandemic situation is how much we are interconnected, whether we like it or not. We learned that our actions affect others besides ourselves and that we need to take care of others as well as our immunity becomes irrelevant if we keep helping the virus spread away and infect others. This is a call for compassion, for a deeper human connection. We know how difficult it feels to be locked to uncertainty, and avoid close contact with people we care about. Every action we take will have a reaction on us and all our surroundings, And creating awareness about causality is key to prevent new waves of the virus, and more profound repercussions to the life we know. The invitation here is to reconnect as humans.

Keep moving forward without really understanding the dimension of this will just keep us as prisoners (in lockdown) indefinitely or prey of fear, since frustration, sadness, loneliness, uncertainty, and despair will continue to grow.

We need to change our focus. A different perspective is waiting on the other side of fear and despair.

Three powerful ways to embrace change in life and move from hopeless to empower.

1. Reconnect with yourself and others around you

This time it’s a space to clean the dust from old passions. Among the ways to embrace change in life, to reconnect with your passions, with activities that make you smile is key. Nowadays, more and more people are making music or painting, reading more than ever, gardening, learning something new with online courses like hungry students, or even dancing in the living room. We have time (not by choice) to rethink our goals and also the way we want to live our life after this. This is an opportunity to discover our best version of self. Are you making the most out of this unprecedented time for yourself?

Be grateful for sharing quality time. Enjoy seeing people you love smiling on the screen, picturing old memories, and giving each other strength to see beyond this confinement. “The most important is that you are safe” has become a more common phrase, because we know that hundreds of thousands of families have lost some or many family members in a totally unexpected way.

We had to shrink our life, but inside each one of us, there is a vast world to discover. So, watch your thoughts, observe your emotions, be aware of the way you are handling this. The moment you Some people have accepted this challenge, but others are just struggling. This is the moment to increase our self-awareness and focus on our internal reality and travel around our emotions, thoughts, dreams, and fears.

2. The miracle of surrender

How is the inside world feeling? Are you really letting yourself process this time and listen to what’s going on in your heart and mind? Are you looking for peace, but meditating, reading, or doing affirmations is not enough? You are focusing your attention outside. We encourage you to travel within. This is another powerful way to embrace change in life. The most exciting journey happens within, the moment you accept you are not at peace, the moment you accept you cannot control any of this and you surrender to your lack of peace, that’s the moment when you will find inner peace. That is the miracle of surrendering.

Find your most beautiful mind landscapes, the memories, and dreams that have the power to shake your soul. Think about your passions and skills, your abilities to help, or positively impact others, even if others are your pets or house plants. your Share a beautiful word with someone you love, or with someone you want to forgive. Surrender to this moment, with all that it has come along. and watch the magic happen.

3. Move from challenging obstacles to growth opportunities.

We all have an unlimited source of power to move throughout life. The ability to connect with that energy center lies in a conscious conversation with ourselves.

You might find people changing their lives when finding a guru or a mystical guide. But if you see the power and magic outside coming from someone or something; well, the energy will always be limited because it’s not really yours, is theirs.

Take the time to talk to yourself and find your identity and values, your deepest dreams and passions, your mental boundaries, and all the unconscious and unnecessary fears. This is one of the most powerful ways to embrace change in life. Your ability to find the power to feel present and aware in life can be developed and strengthened by a constant self-discovery process. The faster you understand and recognize what you are feeling and experiencing, the quicker you could create the power to move on in this or any other situation.

Watch your inner conversation

Don’t know where to start? Download “Conversations with me” PDF to consciously sparkling your inner conversation and connecting with your heart.

Let us repeat this question since you have a bit more awareness now. How are you dealing with the change and new challenges this situation is creating? Remember this unexpected change is an invitation to rediscover who you are, who you want to be. This is a chance to rethink your living.

Meanwhile, let us know in the comments what has been the most challenging aspect to address during your confinement.

Thanks for reading us.

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