lost in translation: covid-19 mutation

Lost in translation: covid-19 mutations

We have to find ourselves. In the midst of so much change, we feel like we’re lost in translation. We have a lot to say and we cannot define the best way to express it. This situation has brought changes for everyone, but for many life has followed a normal path with slight changes from home, with what is known, with their work, and with the usual environment, the known furniture, the familiar smell of the house, the usual amidst the unusual.

For Mauro and me this process has confronted us with having to change what is already changing. Today is March 25. A month ago we were 3 days away from leaving Montreal to explore Africa and Asia with our backpack, our office and all our dreams of social entrepreneurship. A digital course, the first of our company Empower for Change an empowerment place for transition change in people’s life. In just 10 days after being in France, everything started to change drastically. It was not changed as we are able to foresee; this was mutation; it was something that was transforming into something completely unknown. Maybe that’s why it took us so long to find out what was happening. We kept the decision to continue the trip and literally the next day we were buying tickets to go back to Montreal for March 30th. Today is the 25th. There are still 5 days left and we are already in Montreal, quarantined since March 17th, the date on which we unexpectedly managed to leave France and return to our new place called home. At the bottom of our hearts, returning to Montreal made us feel excited. Since we came to live here in January 2018 we have always left when the good weather arrives and we have always returned when winter is coming. It was just a mere coincidence, so this time, we were excited to return to Montreal to enjoy it for a few months with great weather and then recall the connection of this dream called Expedition Empower 2020. That was the plan.

We have already returned and we have not yet returned. We are in Montreal, but this is not Montreal. We have been in two different apartments in quarantine. From here we do not know where we are going. We have no home. All of our things are on storage, waiting for us. We have not returned. We are like in The Matrix, in that train station where Neo gets stuck between real life and illusion. Or the guy in the picture of this post, waiting for a boat to take him somewhere else.

And we, where are we? What life are we living, the real one or the illusion?

It has been difficult to process so much transformation at once. And it is not for us, this is for the whole world. Today I woke up with many things to say, but when I wanted to express them they got stuck on the tip of my tongue or on my fingertips. How do I want to express what I feel? Perhaps through my voice. Perhaps through written words, although nobody reads them. (What’s the point then?) Who do I want to talk to?

-To all the people who feel a little like me right now, kind of lost in this crazy translation.

-To those whose life has changed unexpectedly, in such a short time that they have not had time to process it.

-To those who are so connected with rationality to preserve sanity, that emotionality can only be expressed in tears.

I do not know very well what I mean, because it is difficult for me to express it. This is more of a feeling. So what is the best way to express it?

I feel lost in this translation, as if I were in an airport, coming from one place and heading to another destination, but waiting. And what am I waiting for? Like everyone else… for this pass soon. That this let us arrive at that port of destination that we do not know what it is, but that we will know to identify when we will arrive.

I’ve just remembered that old saying “it’s about the journey, not the destination”. Well … let’s keep walking this journey then.

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  • Literally, we don’t yet know what hit us. We are all startled and shaking our heads. And, yes, you don’t speak for yourself alone when you say that emotionality might just bring tears, so we are blocking our feelings. It is what we know how to do, but it is not the best thing to do. I’m ready to journey with you guys, to wherever this trip will take us. Most likely within, since we cannot even leave our homes.


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