lets reconnect during covid 19

Let’s reconnect during covid-19 confinement

And suddenly everything changed.

It doesn’t matter this was a conspiracy to break an Empire, a punishment from heaven, or our irrational behavior against the planet. We are facing a disruptive situation that has made our world and every political, social, and economic system shake.

Today kisses, hugs, and handshakes could be weapons.

Selfishness makes people go out even when we should all stay home. We take as much as we can from the supermarket, even if that extra thing could be everything for someone else. We don’t feel at risk because we are not that old, but what about Grandma or Grandpa, Mom, Dad? That special Aunt, that Uncle? It could be any one of us just in a few years.

Today there is fear, uncertainty, isolation, but this is letting us see again clear blue skies in places where pollution was the only landscape for decades.

We are all connected

We can hear the birds again and voices singing from balconies as a sign of hope. There are many people doing something good for helping others. There is uncertainty, despair, and death, yes, but there is also an urgent call to awaken our consciousness, a call to reconnect with ourselves, and with all that truly matters. This is a call to understand how fragile we are, to realize that something affecting someone else on the other side of the planet can profoundly affect me here because we are all connected and this is our home.

The invitation

This a call to awake and rethink new ways to interact and express love, even when we must be isolated and keep the distance. This is a call to be grateful for being so privileged for having shelter, clean water, food, a warm blanket, while they are so many deeply affected by this situation and many others.

This is a call to be grateful for the opportunity that has been given to all of us to rediscover Who We Are. To rethink our lives, to reevaluate our priorities, to define our values, and restate what truly matters. To move out of fear and isolation through love, compassion, and company even if it’s virtually, to empower ourselves for a change.

Let’s be present. This is an invitation to reconnect as Humanity

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