The entrepreneur’s journey: “I suck at this”

Entrepreneurship is a high hill. Most of the time we see the result of success, never the journey. This is why we think it is easier for others. “The neighbor’s grass is greener” “I Suck at this” really? This is the entrepreneur’s journey.

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When your inner judge takes over you

Have you ever felt you suck at something even before trying to do it? Have you ever felt you wanted to do, say or start something and then, after sharing your brilliant idea with yourself, you have encountered the worst counselor in history, having to face “the cruel and true fact that you suck at this (whatever that is)” according to your inner judge?

I believe I am not the only one feeling my inner judge is holding me back, right?

The entrepreneur’s journey involves many things. There is courage, decision, willingness, self-empowerment, confidence, creativity, planning. The list could be endless. To be an entrepreneur also involves a lot of self-doubts, fear, uncertainty, the learning process, and all the pains that bring to the table creating something, while you compare your success with others. It is An emotional roller-coaster.

After a few years of tasting the flavor of my entrepreneurial journey with all of those emotions and states of mind, I have realized that, for sure, there is one thing that will always shift the entrepreneurial perspective of your inner judge to move you from holding you back to firing you up to achieve, and that is:

Persistent ACTION

When we listen to that little voice in the back of our heads that is all the time criticizing us, telling how we could’ve done it better, how we are not doing enough, how slow the process is, why don’t we do something else, because we “suck at this”, we are only letting that bitchy/inner judge shrink us down, to size us small.

Entrepreneur’s doubt is actually fear taking over

What is actually happening is that we are letting fear take over us. Our inner judge is only the mask of fear, perhaps fear of failure, fear of losing, fear of the new. And fear can be slimy and sticky, it can slow our pace, it can actually even paralyze our actions during our journey as an entrepreneur.

Our inner judge is “trying” to keep us safe. Our inner judge wants to “protect us” from being disappointed. What’s the point of trying something new if this is what you are good at and that (the new thing you are willing to start, your new company, new romance, new life, etc) could ruin your life- it says.

You can hear it in the back of your head. In the beginning, it could be only a voice to invite you to procrastinate. If you keep moving forward, it will increase the volume and invite you to reconsider your decision. And no matter how hard you try to hush it, it will just keep talking back to you. Until the day when, noticing you are really committed to this new endeavor, knowing that you have already started, it will be louder and will yell at you: “You suck at this, leave it”.

Having self-doubt is a normal situation, particularly when we are starting to create something new, it’s just part of the entrepreneur’s journey. We should be aware of this inner dialogue and understand that little voice is holding us back. There are two forces fighting while all this happens: your inner judge pushing you back, to stay where you are, to be safe on the normal, on the familiar, and on the other side, your higher self, your real purpose, your true potential pulling you forward to grow, to bloom, to thrive and answer the call to this new journey.

Is your bright light what scares you the most, not your darkness. So you should worry if you miss your chance to see your real fire if you deprive the world of that unique message you have to share.

How doubt affects an entrepreneur’s journey when starting a new business or idea.

Many entrepreneurs face this kind of fear in their journey today. Most of them, especially at the beginning, since projects are as fragile as a small plant that has just sprouted.

When Mauro and I decided we wanted to quit our job and follow our dreams and work on this project, on Empower for Change, and develop the idea to create a new company to empower people across the globe, our inner judge was speaking very loudly. I remember I could not foresee new possibilities to make a living out of this.

We were both working together, so, how to face this instability at the same time? I was kind of blind by fear. Despite the immense fear we felt, we leaped, and we decided to jump on this adventure together.

Since that moment, our journey as entrepreneurs has been a high-speed roller coaster, but man, it has been worth it! While I write these words to you, I am connecting with a huge sensation of creative abundance that I pray you will be able to feel. Just by speaking about the journey itself, I feel relieved. I also have self-doubt many times.

I know what it feels to be paralyzed by fear, just wondering what if everything goes wrong, what if nothing works as it should. It can be hard to start, we hear you.

To make the first step, but trust me, you just have to start. Take the first action step. Then you will take the second. Believe me when I tell you this: the only thing that will keep you on your journey is action. If you stop, you are more likely to get discouraged and just drop it.

Did you know that 84% of people hold onto irrational fear? This means people are mainly terrorized! Are you on the 84% or on the 16% side?

When we are moving through the journey of entrepreneurship, we keep self-doubting our personal abilities, and we keep lowering our self-esteem. According to the Harward business review, we “tend to be affected more negatively and become less proactive. Numbers are crunched remorselessly, resulting in paralysis through analysis. Decision making is slowed down as all possible data is sought, and the avoidance of making a wrong decision becomes the primary driver.”

If we don’t solve this situation, if we don’t empower ourselves enough to keep moving forward, to keep the action, we lose our way by talking about the steps we should be taking, rather than actually taking them. Instead of actually writing the post, or developing the business plan or doing whatever steps need to be done, there you are, talking about what you should be doing instead of doing it.

What can we do to minimize self-doubt when undertaking?


What is going to make a whole difference for you in your entrepreneur’s journey, is ACTION – Consistent action, Which translates into persistence. Keep moving forward, also if you feel it is hard, even if you think you suck, even if you actually suck. Who cares? You will only be able to improve what is already created. You will only be able to perfect what you have previously made.

Keep doing it. Keep moving forward, one step at a time. It doesn’t matter if you are moving slowly as long as you keep moving forward. One step at a time, one action at a time, one day at a time, but always, further.

Keep on learning how to develop the skills you need. Focus on the opportunity rather than in the obstacle.

Emotional intelligence is key.

Be aware of your emotions. The first step to deal with negative emotions (when your inner judge is talking or yelling at you), is to recognize it, to be aware of its existence.

Do not resist it. Let it talk. Let it be. But don’t let it undermine you.

When it is taking over you, connect with your vision, with the strength you have proven already just by trying, recognize that you have an inner judge but are not your inner judge, you have emotions, but you are not your emotions.

Connect with your why.

When starting a new endeavor we need to have a clear and powerful way to embark on the entrepreneur’s journey. Your “why” cannot be only about money (that is a typical outcome), your why is the purpose of this new journey, clearly define (if you haven’t then you should create one).

What is your deep motivation to do this? Your “why” will be a direct connection to your inner power and will, and it will be like fuel to light your lantern when you get lost. Keep it clear and present always.

What is not going to help you is to keep thinking about whether you are talented enough and skilled enough. The more you doubt yourself, the more your inner judge will be louder. And the more it yells at you, the less you will be able to hear your call/ or your purpose, the one the world is eager to hear.

Is your inner judge holding you back? Is he/she speaking so loud that not even you are now able to hear your own message?

As I have been sharing with you, you are not the only one to feel this way. I was feeling a lot of what I have shared with you in this post only before to start writing it to you. Action is what will save you? Action! It will create a flux of creativity that will help you to overcome self-doubt, and more importantly, action will speak louder than your inner judge during your entrepreneur’s journey. If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a three. So,

keep moving forward my friend, I promise you something: if you keep moving, you will find your way.

Is your inner judge speaking loud? Is he/she yelling at you right now? Share with us in the comments what is what you hear the most.

Infinite gratitude for reading us.

Listen to our Podcast episode about The entrepreneur’s journey.

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  • Capt. Scott
    June 8, 2020 10:11 pm

    And don’t forget to surround yourself with good people! Good people, good people.

    I struggled for a decade before I finally did just that and increased my sucess and income by over 500%.

    Good people, good people good people. And how do you define good people? Easier than you might think.

    Lina and Mauro will fill you in soon. They are some of the good people.


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