How to transform fears Empower for change

How to transform fears?

The Secret Energy Behind Fears

What if we tell you that you and us, and everybody else, live in constant fear and this is why we don’t take action when dreaming of changing our lives?

We fear change, the outcome, the unknown, something new… We fear a new threat, a crash of the market, a new virus… (currently the coronavirus has everybody under panic)… we fear to lose our job, a significant other… We are constantly feeling fear, because this is a natural emotion, a defense mechanism from our brain to protect us, to keep us alive, and this comes from prehistoric times…

How does fear works?

Back in the caveman age, we were afraid of the rain because it could flood our basecamp, or the thunder because it could start a fire. We were afraid of the mammoth and the saber-toothed tiger because they were real threats that could kill us. Our most primitive brain learned to trigger different kinds of chemicals (like adrenaline, cortisol, a.k.a neurotransmitters) to help us fight or run when facing danger.

However, centuries have passed already, yet, our brain keeps triggering the same neurotransmitters as a reactive way to help us stay alive.

How can we transform fears then?

When we speak here about fear, we are making reference not only to the kind of emotion our brain triggers to protect us against real danger nowadays. We are talking about the kind of fear that privates us on a daily basis to change what we would like to change. Even if its something simple such us trying new paths (this applies to the route we take to go from home to the office or if we are talking about visiting a new place, where we have never been…). Think about it and you will very likely find yourself explaining why the everyday route is better, resisting just the consideration of changing it. We are used to walk the routes we already know. We don’t like too much the unknown.

Now, when we are considering something a little bit more deep in our self-standards, it doesn’t matter if those standards are self-imposed (ours or cultural), or inherited from our parents – that is a whole new story- the idea of change will make us freak out a bit.

Changing habits, changing our daily routine (even if we are on the edge of boredom and completely unhappy with it), will trigger immediately resistance to change. If we keep scaling those changes to bigger decisions to make, such as changing a job, a career, a location, our brain would trigger even stronger fears and resistance. Why? because we don’t control the outcome, and our brain is just trying to protect us from the unknown.

All the what-ifs start to come out and we normally don’t consider the positive outcome; we are more likely to consider all the disasters. This is the defense mechanism from our brain to invite us to stay where we are. The saber-tooth tiger or the mammoth could be around the corner… Well, they aren’t any more! and still, we stay paralyzed just because of fear. When you are indifferent, you are also paralyzed out of fear, because, indifference is never something that makes your soul shine. Fear can be disguised in many different ways…

Fear is just an invitation

In this video, we are providing you with a powerful way of transforming those fears into fuel to take action. Start changing what you really want to change. The secret here is: fears are just an invitation to move, to face them and change what needs to be changed.

“What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do”, as Tim Ferris would say.

How do you face fears? What is what you fear the most when trying to take action to change something you want to change?

Tell us in the comments!

PS: we have been working years side by side with our own fears, and we have always found out, after taking action and facing them, usually, the outcome is better than anything we ever visualized. Here, at Empower for Change we have developed a program to understand deeply how our brain and fears work, how to manage our emotions and understand how to trigger new chemicals (a.k.a neurotransmitters) to rewire our brain so that it helps us to move towards our goals and dreams instead of holding us back.

To know more about it, click here.

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