goal setting starts with why

Goal setting first step: start with a clear WHY


Why do we lack consistency when setting our goals? Why do we lose motivation after a while and we decide to keep as usual? Why does it seem so hard sometimes to keep the commitment with ourselves?

The answer to the question is the question itself! (lol) But seriously… The answer is WHY.

Goal setting starts with a clear WHY

We want to share with you a story that we mention very lightly in the video but was the inspiration for it. It’s about the time we decided to have a nomadic life. We had started our travelblog Vamossomewhere at the time, and we were also working as consultants for a US-based company. We were waiting for our permanent residence for Canada and we were working online, everything was smooth. So, we decided to start traveling across Central America, going from Mexico to Colombia.

We can not lie: we had a blast. Especially in the beginning. However, after traveling without a clear purpose behind (a powerful WHY), the trip started to become purposeless, creating a void that invited us to reframe the whole idea of traveling.

Thanks to that burning uncomfortable sensation in our chest, and thanks to being connected enough to listen to ourselves and our inner voice, we made a stop and rethought what we were doing: yes we wanted to have freedom in our lives, yes, we wanted to travel the world, but not for merely vanity. We wanted to explore the world by serving others. Helping people is our mission in life. That is why we became coaches. We needed then to connect our Freedom with the act of Serving others; the two most important values for us: Freedom to Serve.

We decided then to reshape our life vision: Empower for Change project. We knew we wanted to keep traveling, but this time we would travel with a clear purpose.

Freedom to serve

With our WHY clearly defined, we set new goals for the year, we started a plan to materialize the vision and here we are: writing you from France, our first stop in the Empower Expedition, heading to Egypt very soon and then to Kenya. We are starting an empowerment community, launching our first online program to help people to empower themselves and we are looking for amazing human beings in all the countries we are visiting that are already empowered, building a better world.

Speaking your truth

This is what we want for you, we want to help you achieve your goals, reach your dreams, define your why and start creating the life you really want.

When we don’t define a clear WHY behind our goals is when motivation and commitment fades. It is not about will power. The power will arise only if we have a clear WHY defined. You could be committed to reaching a goal (does not matter if professional or personal), if you don’t have defined the WHY behind it, you are most likely to lack consistency and at the end, lose motivation, ie, procrastinating, postponing that goal. The key here is to have a clear WHY for every goal you set.

We have prepared this video series so that you get actionable tools and techniques that have helped us and that will serve you to start achieving the goals you set for your personal or professional life so that you live more fulfilled.

In the next video, we will talk about fears and we will cover a secret beneath them.

We will teach you how we have been using it for overcoming the paralysis that fears may cause, and that you might have felt also when wanting to change something in your life.

Tell us, have you also lost motivation for not having your clear WHY defined for that goal you have set?

What has been a key factor for you to keep it up when reaching important goals in your life?

Stay tuned for more key things to consider when setting and achieving goals. 😉

See you in the next video!

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