black lives matter- empower for change

Human education: the answer to end racism and discrimination

George Floyd rest in power.

An act of so-called superiority that only shows inferiority, lack of humanity.

This is a call to end racism and discrimination.

We all heard the words of that human being on the ground: I can’t breathe.

In the middle of a world sanitary crisis that has already arisen many social, economic, and political problems everywhere, a white policeman decided to take the life of an unarmed person for no reason. George Floyd did not leave in vain; he has turned on the power to global awareness to end racism and discrimination.

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george floyd rest in power

Breonna Taylor, John Crawford, Michael Brown, Brendon Glenn, Salvado Ellswood, Tamir Rice, Ahmaud Arbery, India Kager, Miguel Espinal, Keith Childress Jr, Alteria Woods, Dominique Clayton, Christopher McCorvey, Eric Reason, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, [and thousand more…] George Floyd… rest in power.

What does the act of “superiority” really show?

The act of explicit violence -smashing with the knee the neck of a person until his death-, willing to show superiority only reflects the lack of human connection this police officer was having. He lacked so much as a person that he needed to take somebody else’s life to compensate for his human void. This act of mere violence only shows how urgent it is to work on humanity and the new values we want to live in and stand by in this society.

Although we have made serious progress in human rights fields and law protection in many countries, we have a long ride yet to protect and guarantee equal dignity in today’s world.

Integral Education: the key to end racism and discrimination

As a society, we have made massive progress in technology, infrastructure, science, economics, and even politics. It seems like progress is only a matter of numbers and tangible R.O.I. We are developing great engineers, competitive lawyers, brilliant scientists, and police officers, doctors, but watching so many outrageous injustices not only in the United States but everywhere else in the world; we think it is urgent to open a dialogue about our educational system in regards to humanity.

It seems pretty evident that most of the industries have adapted to the new world. Nonetheless, the educational system that rules the world is similar to a couple of centuries before. We keep on teaching about algebra, biology, language, literature, and geography, but we do not educate the human. This system is preparing us for being profitable and productive, not for being open, respectful, empathetic, and compassionate with others.

george floyd rest in power- empower for change

George Floyd was the drop who spilled the glass. Racism and discrimination are the results of the education we receive. While we demand education not to be a privilege, only a few get access to, injustices, racism, and discrimination are perpetrated in many cases by highly educated and “prepared” people. Isn’t that a paradox we need to address A.S.A.P.?

We urgently need to change the quality of education our systems are providing. While learning to read, write, and having access to information is a crucial indicator for development, we need to work more than ever on our true potential as humans: the power to connect with others. This will take us to acknowledge and recognize there is only one race, the human one, despite our differences.

george floyd rest in power- empower for change

We can’t breathe any more racism and discrimination.

George Floyd died in front of cameras rolling, people asking to release him, and another officer witnessing his death as nothing was happening. That is racism, violence, and discrimination legitimized by law enforcement, which is supposed to protect us as civilians. This is the direct reflection of power abuse, racism that seems to be normal, and the lack of human development in our institutions.

The social issue and reality we are facing shows that we have not learned how to communicate in a humanly way. We are too used to intolerance, we are too tolerant of the lack of respect towards others; we are used to domestic violence because it doesn’t affect us directly. It has become reasonable to impose our opinion with physical abuse, and not only from our institutions, as this atrocious act towards George Floyd, but at every level of our society. It has become normal to yell when in disagreement, to use violence when words no longer serve. Like now, that, police officers are killed just for being policemen. It is like, we protest for people being killed by killing people. Seriously?

Aren’t spoken language, articulation of ideas, and process of thoughts what differentiate us from the rest of animals? It seems pretty clear that the only characteristic that makes us humans is the one we forget to use more often. Not even animals kill others for free.

We have got too used to racism and discrimination.

racism and discrimination george floyd- empower for change

Racism is deeply rooted in our society.

How on earth is it accepted that policemen are able to randomly ask for documents only to black people? Why on earth, a family father needs to go to the park with his daughters and his dog, to be seen as a family guy instead of a kidnapper?

Why was a guy that was bird watching in the central park called for police after asking a white lady to leash her dog? That a person can be threatened to be called on police for the color of his/her skin? Why do we choose bullies and racists as our political leaders? This is the institutionalization of racism and discrimination: to be judged, targeted, or harmed just by the color of your skin. None of this can’t be normal.

Language and color symbolism are also full of prejudices. White in our western culture is related to positive, while black is negative. Angels are white; demons are black. And even, the definition of black includes “without any moral light or goodness” and “deeply stained with dirt”. In contrast, the definition of white includes “morally pure, innocent, free of evil, spotless.” We gotta be kidding, right?

Racism is transmitted and reproduced culturally.

The doll test was a social experiment made in Mexico and Italy, based on a U.S. one from the 1930s. Kids were asked to choose between a white doll and a brown doll. During the experiment, children were asked about which one was good or bad, which one was beautiful or ugly, or more similar to them.

The results from the 1930s by Kenneth and Mamie Clark did in the United States, yielded the same results in 2012 in Mexico and 2016 in Italy: all kids chose the white doll as the good one, the most beautiful one and the brown doll as the ugly and the bad one, even kids with dark skin tones chose the white doll.

It is easier to break an atom than a prejudice (Albert Einstein)


black lives matter- empower for change

What can we do to fight racism?

Advocate: learn, talk, denounce, protest

While recognizing racism and discrimination is essential and the first step of awareness, and so, protest is a duty, it is not enough. We need to SEE racism and discrimination in-depth, at home, at the office, and with our families. We have to be aware of our language and of what we are communicating, also on our posture when facing racism and discrimination at first hand. It’s our duty to break the silence; we have to stand for integration, equality, and respectful values, recognizing our differences. Let’s question ourselves, our everyday actions, the education we are providing to our children, brothers, sisters, even to our parents or elder relatives, if they need to be aware.

If we need to step over somebody else (literally or figuratively) to prove our superiority, it is time to realize we have a self-esteem and acceptance problem, and we need help. Reflecting on our actions will help us identify when we are part of the problem. Sometimes, people are more offended when being called a racist rather than being offended for actually being a racist. It is time to see what really matters.

Start your personal journey for self-improvement

Now, we can keep moving forward with society as it is, focusing on “economy, R.O.I., productivity, competitiveness” over human lives. Or, we open our eyes and realize we need an immediate change in our education. And if schools don’t provide it for our kids, we have to complement that lack of human development at home.

We need to focus on our human development as a society, not only on our academic and professional development. The only competitiveness we should promote is the one with oneself.

The only superiority we should promote is with one’s standards for being a better person.

Perhaps this will help us to reconnect as humanity and to move from the “me-us/them” paradigm to “all of us” because we are the same.

Killing police officers and white people won’t bring back all the Afro American that have been killed. Violence will only bring more violence to the table.


Just to consider racism and discrimination as an atrocity without doing anything else won’t change a thing.

George Floyd’s death has arisen an awareness not only about racism but also about our society as a whole.

Police officers are now being killed just for being policemen. What is going on? Seriously! Human disconnection makes people move from the place of the victim to the position of the offender. We need to stand in this together.

As Kaepernick said, “When civility leads to death, revolting is the only logical reaction.” George Floyd’s death has spotlighted the deep problems our societies are facing nowadays. People being killed should cause more indignation than broken stores and glasses. This only shows the deep behavioral problems we have as a society. No matter the people getting killed, black, white, yellow, or blue: people are people.

It’s time to realize many things have to change, and racism and discrimination are the tip of the iceberg. Our behavior needs to change, as well.

Let’s raise our voices towards consciousness elevation.

That will be a real act of superiority for the human race.

We need to be more integral in our way of living. Everybody needs to care about this. This is not only a black/indigenous minority problem.

We need to see it as a people’s problem, as a human problem, that will be the true power that will help us create real and lasting change. We need to reconnect as humanity

Rest in power, George Floyd. In his name and the name of all those who have fallen, Let’s protest in peace. Let’s reconnect with each other and show the power of humanity.

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