The Creative Mindset to Face Unexpected Change

Do you normally feel fear, uncertainty or even paralysis when dealing with unexpected change? Perhaps it’s time to develop a Creative Mindset.

How we see ourselves and the situations we are in, how we interact with others, and even our levels of emotion or excitement are directly related to our mindset. So, how can we develop our Creative Mindset to experience the scary unexpected in a different way?

Everything is related to our mindset.

Mindset, as simple as that. We all have this mental network of knowledge, experiences, and information that lights up every time we see, hear, feel, say, taste, or face any challenge. We live, we move or get stuck, according to those internal connections.

But who decided your type of mindset? How can we all get better at facing life, if we don’t even know our mental structure?

Let’s be real. Most of us were never thought to have an innovative and creative mindset when obstacles arrive. We all try to find the easy way, the fastest, the simplest, the known. We are part of an obsolete system that teaches the same way to create the same shape, ideas, goals, and values.

Are you willing to get control of your own thoughts and reactions by discovering the power of changing your mindset?

Do not listen to them… just make it happen!

Static mindset = Stress.

Most people with a static mindset believe they are a finished product. Know anyone like that? This type of mindset is the one creating stress and fear in companies and families all over the world. When challenges arrive, it’s just not possible for them to see more.

The sad part is: the static mindset is the norm.

Even today, we could hear parents saying: “That’s too hard for you sweety, let me do it”, or “That’s impossible! you have to study and do something that makes money, not happiness”.

We learn to follow the same path at the same speed. We get seeds of fear planted and as kids, adolescents, and adults we keep building imaginary limits and mental walls.

The fear of the unexpected keeps us away from living.

Think about the last time you were extremely worried about an unexpected problem at work, a big deadline out of place, or an appointment with a customer having a complaint.

Remember the cold feeling, the sweaty hands, or the dry throat. If you were given a piece of your favorite dessert you might not even taste its flavor. Your mind would be so deep into the fear that you will just swallow a piece of “something”. We stop feeling what’s real, to give control to the unreal in our heads.

Are you living or leaving every day?

empower for change

We are now facing life with a static mindset that creates more and more stress, and not even helps. A social psychology study (David Nussbaum-Carol Dweck) showed that people with a static mindset will prefer to identify others that perform worse than them, than the ones that perform better, just to feel better about their actions and results.

How can a static mindset assist you if you are looking back and not forward to move in life?

And we are living in this situation every day. Think about all the bullies you know. That person that is constantly trying to destroy someone else’s image or work. This unconscious structure to face life is not going to help you, your relationship, family, or company in any way.

If you need to push someone down to make yourself feel better,
Changing your mindset and checking your self-esteem is a must.

Now, you are probably reading this because you are looking for new ways to destroy your own walls and claim ownership of your limitless creative mindset. You want to move to other ideas or concepts, to new perspectives and ways of living, to become imprint innovation in every step of your way.

Because think about it… every time we have created or discovered something more about the universe, that changed the way humanity experiences life, is because someone moved out of those walls, beyond the norm with a proper mindset to embrace the magic of change.

So, how do we transform our mindset to see the unexpected as an invitation to innovate and grow?

Keys to creating and nurturing your Creative Mindset.

1. Keep an entrepreneur mindset.

Maybe you have never started a company or business and you love your job. I’m not saying you have to quit and become the boss, but you should take some good time to understand the entrepreneur’s mindset.

The entrepreneur’s mindset is filled with passion. Every person that decided to undertake and build a dream was moved from passion. Entrepreneurs feel this drive to bring an idea from their minds and make it real, see it grow and become something they didn’t even imagine.

The entrepreneur’s mindset knows consistency. Successful entrepreneurs, inventors, sports players, you name it, achieve “the impossible” because they don’t stop doing. Every day represents a new moment to revalidate ideas and create. Every little consistent action is what builds the momentum to take your ideas to the sky.

Consistency means understanding the DNA of change and dance with it. Find every possible way to keep moving, the biggest discoveries come in times of deep unexpected transformations.

The entrepreneur’s mindset seeks the perfection of constant improvement. A product that is final, has poor value. Do not wait to be ready and flawless to speak your truth. A better version of yourself and your work is always available and that fills your life with meaning.

empower for change

2. Find and learn from those leading and innovating

No matter your industry or work environment, there is always someone thinking out-of-the-box. If you don’t know anyone with that profile, it’s time to google it.

Give yourself the chance to expand your limits. We all learn by seeing others, so find the man or woman, changing the perspective and boundaries within your field. They are innovating by mixing flavors and colors. Their mindset is constantly looking for new ingredients that could add to the experience of their art, product, and life.

empower for change

3. Adapt change but don’t adapt to change.

Being able to adapt is good of course. But it’s also a bit dangerous. Let’s use the frog as an example so you can understand what we mean (disclosure: No frogs were harmed for this example).

If you have some boiling water and you drop a frog, our little friend will jump right away to escape.

Now, put the frog in the same place with cold water and this time our friend will stay there. But if we light up the stove and heat the water slowly, the frog will constantly adapt to the temperature and will die eventually. Do you see the point?

empower for change

When you have an unexpected situation, your creative mindset should be ready to find ways to adapt that change to your objectives and goals. You are not probably considering the new ways you will have to move forward in life, every change is just an invitation to innovate and keep moving forward, maybe in a different way, but forward.

Do you normally deal with unexpected change feeling fear, uncertainty, or even paralysis?

We are all living challenging times due to a global health situation. A huge unexpected change, of course. But, just now that you are finishing this article, think about your mindset. How are you feeling static or creative?

Your mindset defines your personality and even your character; how you see yourself in this situation and any other. If you feel that you could do better just remember:

  1. Keep an entrepreneur mindset.
  2. Find and learn from those leading and innovating
  3. Adapt change but don’t adapt to change.

Your creative mindset is already there. You just have to make the right connections.

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